October 11, 2018

Altium Capital

Altium Capital is a Healthcare Investment Fund Founded by Jacob Gottlieb in 2018

altium capital

Altium Capital is a New York City-based investment fund founded by Jacob Gottlieb. The fund focuses on healthcare investments, especially innovative companies with an aim of making significant advances in medical treatments. The hedge fund has invested in dozens companies that provide progressive therapies spanning biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. These companies include the entire regulatory spectrum – at one end, would include companies actively selling fully-developed FDA-approved commercial products; at the other end, companies raising money to fund preclinical and early-clinical studies.

It isn’t surprising that these growth companies would appeal to seasoned investors with extensive experience in the healthcare sector. The potential for exponential growth in an industry in which Gottlieb has already achieved dramatic success makes them attractive choices.

With help from Gottlieb’s educational background in biochemistry, investment savvy and leadership skills, Altium Capital shows tremendous potential. Industry professionals and long-term casual investors alike will be watching what happens at Altium Capital. Jacob Gottlieb has taken his companies to staggering heights in the past, and anticipation is growing as news of Altium Capital spreads.